Saturday, February 21, 2015


I decided to set him straight by sharing my idea for the monsters in my story with him.  

I proceded with earnest enthusiasm,  "I’m picturing these monolithic Ogres called Mudders,  rising out of the ground dripping greasy mud and mold.   These  giant mud men  pull themselves out of  the ground like huge tubers. They appear at the slightest threat to their master,   emitting shrieks of anger, stinking like rotten flesh,  farting and burping. They are loyal to their masters, but  the bad news is, their judgement is not so great.  They are easily conned into going against  their own interests."

My Fantasy Gamer son,  looking the picture of patience,  said, “I’m still pretty sure you're thinking of  Golem.”  

"Oh no," I insisted.  

My son walked out of the room, shaking his head and  I quickly  Googled Ogres and Golem. Darned if the boy wasn't right.  Aargh!

Wikipedia describes Ogres as hideous, hairy giants  found in fairy tales.  They  terrorize humans and even tear them limb from limb to eat them.  

Golem, on the other hand, are more sympathetic creatures. They are found in Judeism’s earliest stories. Adam is a Golem, created by God out of dust.  Those who are  very holy can also create Golem out of mud, though these Golem are  a shadow of the life God creates. 

There are lots of stories featuring Golem, but one of the most famous is  a nineteenth century legend that  involves the famous  16th century Rabbi of Prague, Judah Loew ben Bezalel.   He created The Golem of Prague out of clay to protect the Jews from Anti-Semitic attacks.  The Golem succeeded in his mission until he  became  too powerful and had to be stopped. 

Why didn't I know all this?  My creatures are more Golem then Ogre.  I must have heard about these Golem creatures sometime in my past.  Apparently  they’ve stayed  in the far recesses of my mind until my story called them forth. It’s kind of cool how our imaginations reaches into our dormant memory for material to use in its creations.

Okay,  so now I know, the creatures in my story are  based on Golem  and not Ogres---Just don't tell my son I said so.

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