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Medical Marijuana From My Perspective As A Cancer Patient

January, 2015

Medical Marijuana from a cancer patient respective:
 Where chemo hits the body the reaction is that it's poison and the body must get rid of it, anyway possible. The vomiting begins and sometimes it doesn't stop. In my case I hardly had time to breath between vomiting episodes. "Next to my bed was this apparatus, an acrylic bubble base water pipe. It appeared large next to my frail body. It reminded me of water pipes used by people in the Middle East. It held water at the base and, at the top, sat a ball of medical marijuana. A friend gave it to me, just in case I needed it, and this was the time. I could light it; inhale the smoke that billowed from a long pipe attached to that burning cannabis. I placed the mouthpiece to my lips and inhaled between waves of nausea. My nostrils flared to a scent of an earthy musk once, twice, and then I passed out.

 I awoke the next morning with a dry musty taste in my mouth, remembering the violent response to chemo, but actually feeling better. Whatever it was I inhaled the night before was better than any anti-nausea medication.  I thought I didn't care. The entire experience made me shudder. I never, ever wanted to go through such a violent response to medication again. It was terrifying.

 People who have to endure chemotherapy should not have to. There is medical marijuana, there is something out there that can relieve symptoms from pain, nausea and the ability to eat. There is a component a chemical in some plants that have a high content of CBD that can help in the reduction of cancer cells in out bodies. It should be more available.  It should be standard to all cancer patients.

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"A healthy person has one thousand wishes and plans, a sick person has one"


First. Blogger, Justin Hall

Jan 2015

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Blog.  Slog.  Grog. Frog.  Everything about the word reminds me of mud.  Dark Gruel.  Stuff you need to wade through.

Nothing about the word sounds creative or inspiring.  

So where did blogging begin?  And why didn’t that person come up with a better name?
Blogging is traced to a college dorm room, where, with orange-crumb tipped fingers, Justin Hall created a personal homepage in 1994.  I thought about Facebook, Napster and Steve Jobs and about college as a spawning ground for ideas.  Just holding people there, in between forced-down-your-throat-school and the supply-and-demand-driven real world.  College students fermenting like mold on cheese. Just sorta growing and randomly becoming something.

Blogs found spores in politics and race.  Senator Strom Thurmond, an outspoken supporter for racial segregation, ran for president in 1948.  In 2002, Senator Trent Lott made the comment that Thurmond would have been a better President.  Bloggers took this comment and ‘blogged’ away and only then did the main stream media pick up on the story.  From 1948 (when TV barely existed) through the invention born in a dorm room, Senator Lott was called out for his comment.  And the voice of anyone with electricity and computer impacted the media.  No longer was the media feeding us the story, we were feeding it to them.

Let the blogging begin!

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