Sunday, November 23, 2014

Creating the Blog

These are words from our fearless leader, and mentor, MaryAnn.   We all  brainstormed at our last critique group.  MaryAnn followed up with this great email. She summed up where we are so well, I thought it could be our first blog entry. Thanks MaryAnn!

YES! Melissa has created our Blog page tentatively titled “26 Letters that Write our World!" The idea is to keep a live, interesting blog where we submit one page”ish” entries each week (or so) to Melissa. The blog will be linked to our books and other interesting writing sites. We will launch it Jan 1st.We will use our collective social media connections to promote the blog in December with follow up promotion in January and throughout the year. 

(But what if I don't know what to write???) No problem. We are ALL involved in the creative process, one way or another, and we can write about our journey, the tricks of the trade, the highs and lows, the agony and ecstasy of simply being creative women. And art counts. Yes, we can get ideas and tips from others and put these ideas and tips into our own words. If you are totally and completely stuck for ideas, bring some good quotes on the creative process. The idea is to collect lots of material to have a backload of posts so that the blog stays vital.

MaryAnn Easley is  Author of the following: I Am the Ice Worm; Belly Up; A Few Screws Loose; Dog Woman; Alone in the Ice World; Finding Jade Mountain; Looking Out for Lindy; Ethan Barrett: Kid-Kart Champion; The Seventh 'S' of Spring; Warrior's Daughter; Knuckle Down AND coming soon! 
Changed in the Night!

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