Friday, September 25, 2015


Blog 29

Save my Gypsy! 
At Literary Orange Writer’s conference, I asked a panel speaker what books she used to help her in crafting her stories.  One of the books she recommended is Save the Cat by screen writer Blake Synder.  It is a terrific resource and has truly helped me to discover the pitfalls in my current work (not to mention I need to go back and completely rewrite my first two works).

In any event, my current point of struggle he describes on pg150 & 151 as the “turn turn turn” rule.  “The rule is: The plot doesn’t just move ahead, it spins and intensifies as it goes…it is not enough for the plot to go forward, it must go faster, and with more complexity to the climax.”

As I reflect on stories (movies and books) that have captured me from beginning to end, the ‘turn turn turn’ rule is in full play.   The heat is turned up on the protagonist, thus not only revealing character, but keeping me engaged. 

Watching a movie, A Few Good Men for example, illustrates this effortlessly.  It seems like it should be the natural spine to any good story.  And yet, my poor Gypsy seems to be bumping around her story—facing conflicts, yes—but where something of value is at stake, not so much.  

Trying to add this into my story without it feeling contrived is also a challenge.  Synder 
recommends making the bad guy “badder” and having his grip ever tighten on the protagonist.  Okay, I will try that. 

He also suggested making sure what is at stake taps into a primal need such as: survival, sex, hunger, love, acceptance, etc.  Okay, I will try to add that too. 

Thanks for the never ending love, support and inspiration from my Writing Group Women, I will find a way! 

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